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Tell the Molloy Story Workshop

Tell the Molloy Story Workshop

Stories are powerful. Stories are persuasive. Stories, well told, can move people and change how they act, and how they think and feel about themselves and the world.

In the workshop outlined below, participants will fully engage with the instructor and each other to explore their own personal stories, and understand how the stories that shaped their lives can serve as touchstones for their interactions with prospects, clients, prospective employees and students and their internal teams. And can be leveraged to “Tell the Molloy Story.”

Introduction and storytelling exercise Greetings and ice breaker. Participants will be asked to pull an object from their pockets or purses and tell their partner a one-minute story about it. Using active listening techniques, the partner will then tell the story back to them.

  • Storytelling basics revealed - Anecdotes vs. stories, understanding story structure, the importance of stakes, “aha” moments, and undergoing change in a story – the storyteller must be one person at the beginning of the story, and experience some epiphany (however small) by the end. Participants will also learn how dialogue, suspense, humor, surprise and each of the five senses can help make a story come to life.

  • Telling a story – Workshop leader will tell a 5-minute story from her life and participants discuss what makes this a story rather than an anecdote.

  •  Finding a story to tell Leader offers a series of prompts and open-ended questions to help uncover each individual’s meaningful stories and how they might relate to “Telling the Molloy Story.” Prompts may include such questions as, “What was one unforgettable moment in your life?” Or, “Think of a time when you felt envious or jealous – grateful or relieved, or when you had to put someone else’s needs above your own.” Participants will use the prompts to brainstorm and write down dozens of possible story ideas.

    Working on your story Each participant starts working on their own 3-minute story. At the end of the workshop, a few volunteers will be asked to share their stories with the group.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017
10:00am - 11:30am
H 339
  Professional Development  
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Event Organizer

Alina Haitz

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