Two rooms are available; however, access to Room #C-004B is shared with Academic Tutoring Services and may have limited availability. Each room has a seating maximum of six. C-004D is appropriate to practice presentations, hold video conferences or webinars, tutoring sessions, and for collaborating with team members on project-based assignments or to hold small club meetings. While, C-004B is primarily appropriate for studying, tutoring, and holding small meetings. 

Casey-004B has a table, chairs, a whiteboard and wireless internet access. The room has several plugs to connect your electronic equipment. Students & Faculty may borrow dry-erase markers from the Division of Business. Students that require these supplies should see the Divison of Business Administrative Assistants. The Administrative Assistants are located at the front desks once you enter the Divison. A valid Molloy ID card is required to borrow the dry-erase markers.

Casey-004D has state of the art technology including a flat screen monitor with webcam and speakers, a conference table with an easy-to-use collaboration system with multimedia connectivity access (HDMI, VGA with sound, internet access, and power port).

PLEASE NOTE: MAC users may need additional OEM adaptors.


The Business Conference Room (C-104a) can be booked for larger meetings. Please reserve this room for parties that will have more than 10 guests.